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To be arranged by Council. If there is a difficulty in arranging a suitable venue, then the following will apply:

association / College / School to arrange their own final.

  1. The Hon. Secretary and Competitions Secretary to be informed of the date of the final at least 8 days before the final.

  2. Home Association to invite the officers of Cheshire Schools’ FA.

  3. Hon. Secretary to be responsible for appointing match officials.

  4. Home Association to produce a match programme with suitable advert of our sponsors.

  5. Rope off the pitch.

  6. Schools and Associations are responsible for their own spectators.

  7. Ensure you have First Aid available on the touch line.

  8. Arrange for the press to send a photographer to cover presentation of the trophy.

  9. Arrange for a table for the Presentation.

  10. Arrange a suitable reception prior to the game.

  11. Lay on after match refreshments for the guests, match officials and the two teams.

  12. Take pride in staging your final.


  1. Learn and observe the laws of the game.

  2. Beat opponents by skill and not by unfair means.

  3. Never argue with the referee or assistant referee

  4. Retire quickly to 10 yards when a free-kick is given against you.

  5. Do not appeal for throw-ins, off sides, free-kicks.

  6. Give the ball promptly to opponents for throw-ins, free-kicks etc.

  7. If an opponent gives you a ball for a throw-in, free-kick etc., do not take advantage of the opponent being out of -


  8. Keep your self control at all times and do not retaliate.

  9. Do not use foul and abusive language.

  10. Do not over react when your team scores a goal.

  11. Accept victory modestly and defeat manfully, remember your team will be judged by your behaviour.


  1. The Referees’ Chart - Read this invaluable aid regularly.

  2. Always be smartly turned out - it impresses players.

  3. Check that you have a whistle, watch, coin, pencil, notebook, balls.

  4. Check beforehand the competition rules.

  5. Enlist the help of the other teacher to act as an assistant referee - acknowledge their signals.

  6. Be firm but friendly.

  7. A brief explanation of your decisions can help players.

  8. Do not allow dissent by word or action.

  9. Keep up with the game.



All football operates under the MATCH BASED disciplinary procedures of the Football Association which means that players are suspended for a number of games not weeks.

1a.  Any player sent off in a school match to be automatically suspended as per E.S.F.A. recommended punishment. THese punishments cn be found by logging on to


1b.  Any player sent off in a school or association cup competitions under the jurisdiction of the Cheshire Schools’ FA - Referee’s Report to be sent to Hon. Secretary of Cheshire Schools’ FA within 4 days of the match. The Secretary will forward the Report to ESFA who will deal with the matter.

1c.  Suspensions to begin 21 days after the offence took place.

1d.  If the offence occurs near the end of the season then the suspension should go up to the end of the season and any matches left over should be carried over to the new season.

2. Any player sent off three times in a season shall be suspended for the rest of the season.

3. Cautions in games under jurisdiction of Cheshire Schools’ FA must be sent to the Hon. Secretary and will be recorded.

4. Any serious matter of discipline will be dealt with by a Commission.

5.   Administration cost for discipline in County Competitions for schools, colleges & associations will be £10.00.

6.  Schools' football is split into two separate categories: (i) Representative Football and (ii) Inter-School Football. A player sent off representing his/her District or County will be banned from representative football competition matches; if the player is sent off while playing for his/her school football team then thesuspension will only apply to Inter-School competition matches.

7. Staff in charge of school teams are reminded of their legal duty of care towards the safety of all players and spectators involved in schools' fixtures. In order to protect players from reckless and dangerous challenges, staff are strongly advised to take the initiative and substitute a player whose actions or language on the pitch appear to be in danger of causing serious injury or offence to others. The appointment of a strong, neutral referee is deemed essential in order to reduce the risk of dangerous or unsporting behaviour.

For further information on the discipline process visit the ESFA website.


If the limit dates of any competition cannot be made, then the competitions secretary requires immediate notice as to the reason why from the two schools or Associations concerned. An extension may then be granted, at the discretion of the Competitions Secretary. Both schools / colleges / associations are responsible for trying to play matches by the limit date. If a match has not been played by the limit date and written permission (email or letter) has not been previously sought and granted by the Competitions Secretary for an extension to the limit date then one or both teams may be eliminated from the competition.

Schools should note that all cup matches must be decided on the day. In the event of a draw the game will be decided by extra-time (10 minutes each way). If still a draw, then penalties.

Associations are warned to be careful about rearranging replays. If there is no chance of a replay taking place before the limit date then a result must be achieved at the first match.


Derek Pearson
Telephone (Home): 01928 712867; (Mobile): 07535 124986


For Under 18 Cup Competitions contact:

Telephone: 07932 644768



1. Trophy

a)  The trophy is the property of the C.S.F.A.
b)  The trophy shall be presented to the captain of the winning team.

2. Mementos

Sixteen mementos shall be awarded to each association taking part in the final. A reasonable number of extra mementos may be purchased, The officials in the final shall receive a memento.

3.  Control
a)  The entire control and management of the competition shall be vested in the Council, or such Committee as may be appointed by the Council.
b)  The rules of the game shall be those of the Football Association Ltd., except as otherwise stated.
c)  All teams must be under the sole control of teachers employed in schools affiliated to the E.S.F.A. or adults who have recived Adult Other Than Teacher sanction from ESFA.

d)  The winning association shall be responsible for suitable engraving and for the maintenance of the Trophy in good order. (This

is to include any necessary insurance cover).

e)  It shall be the responsibility of the association holding the Trophy at the time, to return it to the secretary before the end of

February following the final.

4.   Entries

The trophy shall be offered for annual competition amongst the local associations who provide football for secondary age boys.

5.   Eligible Players

a) Only bona-fide scholars on the roll of a school affiliated to the local association, under the age of 15 years at midnight between the previous 31st August and 1st September, shall be allowed to take part in this competition.
b) A boy/girl shall not play for more than one association in this competition during any season, except by permission of Council.

6. The Competition

a)  The competition shall be organised into one or two leagues depending on the number of entries. Each team plays one game against the others in their league with 3 points being awarded for a win and one point for a draw. In the event of two teams being tied on points after the qualifying matches are completed then the order of precedence will be as follows: 1. Goal difference 2. Goals scored 3. Results of matches between the two teams concerned 4. Play off match or if time does not permit, the drawing of lots. The top two in each league progress to the semi final stage where the winner of one league plays the runner up of the other league and vice versa. If the competition is run as one league, the first placed team will play the fourth placed team and the second placed team will play the third placed team. These matches and the final shall be played on a cup-tie principle.
b)  The Council shall fix the limit dates within which all ties shall be played. Failure to keep to these limit dates may lead to disqualification. If for any exceptional reason, the tie is played after the limit date, a result shall be obtained.
c)  Eight days notice must be given to the opponents by the ‘home association, and the visiting team must be prepared to play on the date fixed, provided that no team is asked to play within 72 hours of their previous game, in this competition.
d)  In the event of an association not being able to stage the game, it shall advise its opponents, and the secretary, at least eight days before the limit date for the round.
e)  Where an adequate floodlit ground is available, and is offered by the staging association, it must be accepted.
f)  Any dispute relative to the competition shall be reported to the secretary.
g) For the Senior Trophy and Alcock Cup competitions only. Matches will be played on Saturdays but a match may be played midweek where both teams are mutually agreed or where, on the application of the home team, the council considers it desirable. In the case of emergency. matches must be played on any date ordered by Council. It is expected thaat the final will be played midweek.

7. Match Officials

a) In all rounds up to the final, the ‘home’ association shall appoint a suitably qualified referee and one assistant referee. The opponents shall provide an assistant referee, suitably dressed. Neutral referees must be obtained wherever possible and to help with this matter you should seek assistance from your local District Referees Association.
b) Council will appoint all officials for the final tie and the secretary must be informed of the date, at least eight days before the game is due to be played. Neutral referees must be obtained.

8. Duration of matches

a) The duration of each match shall be 40 minutes each way. If it be deemed inadvisable to play for 80 minutes, the officials may decide on 35 minutes each way.

b) If the match which is played on this limit date set by Council results in a draw - N.B. New Rule - If the match is drawn at the end of normal time then 10 minutes each way extra time will be played. Should the score again be equal after the conclusion of extra time, the result shall be decided by the taking of penalty kicks.

c) The Final will be a one leg final. If the match is drawn at the end of normal time then 10 minutes each way extra time is to be played. If the score is still level after extra time then penalties will decide the winner (ie. 5 penalties each side - if still a draw, sudden death penalties).

9. Dimensions of Field Play

The minimum size of the ground shall be 90 yards by 60 yards.

10. Ball

The ball shall be a size 5.

11. Substitutes

In all 11 a-side matches, teams are permitted to use five substitutes from five named players. Repeated substitutes are

allowed in all competitions up to and including U18 age group.

12. Protests

All protests or objections to any part of the game or its arrangements must be made in writing to the secretary within 3

days. Under no circumstances shall such objections be discussed in the presence of players.

13. Similar Colours

Where associations have similar colours, the home team shall be entitled to retain their colours and the visiting team shall

change to colours which provide a satisfactory contrast.

14. Alteration to rules

These rules may be altered at a General Meeting of the C.S.F.A.